The Reality Behind Extremely Low Price

Every good thing has its good cost. However due to cut throat competition companies use different strategies to lower their price which is surprisingly much below the cost incurred to provide that standard service. In Web Hosting, the price war has been even more intense.

The total cost of acquiring a domain, web space and its administration has its own significant cost.

Volume Card

However big companies play on the volume card providing few standard features which are common to everybody and anybody. They thus avoid personalised services which helps reduce their administration cost.

Overloaded Servers

The servers are quite overloaded and have more web spaces alloted than the standard mark. The various websites of clients are left to struggle for resources (like bandwidth etc.) on their own.

Key features locked

The companies often lock several key features just to reduce load on the Server, for e.g. FTP is locked and all the uploading is expected to be done through Web Interface which is a painstaking task.

Avoid Burstible Bandwidth

Companies avoid giving burstible bandwidth i.e. they fix upper limit of the bandwidth that can be used for a particular site. This can cause unavailability of your site during high-load periods to most of the visitors.

Ill-administered Servers

Some even go to the extent of buying a high capacity hard disk and a leased line and setting it as a server with no proper administration. In such cases, the standard of the support is below than expected. Well such a move is basically to befool the people and to earn money in a fraudulent way.

So finally ....

With these behind-the-scene facts it becomes neccessary for the clients not to get lured by the temptation of low price. It may prove to be a very risky deal for long term. It is therefore advisable to analyse the price chart of a company in the light of the quality of service being provided by the them.