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Want to run your full JEE web applications in secure JBoss Environment? Our secure, preconfigured, tested and certified JBoss Virtual Private Servers are the answer.

Enjoy managed virtual private server running latest version of JVM and JBoss JEE application server with MySQL database. These Virtual Private Servers are pre-configured to offer excellent java hosting out of the box. Everything is installed, tested and pre configured. Deploy your java JEE webapps and go!

Spec/Feature 20 GB VPS 50 GB VPS
Hosting Type Virtual Private Server Virtual Private Server
JVM Dedicated Dedicated
Guaranteed RAM 512 MB Guaranteed 1 GB Guaranteed
Manager/Admin Access YES YES
Access to Application Server Internals YES YES
Dedicated IP Address YES YES
Full Isolation for your web applications YES YES
Web Space 20 GB 50 GB
Bandwidth/DataTransfer 200 GB p.m. 500 GB p.m.
Web Hosting Features Dedicated for Servlet/JSP/EJB/JEE Dedicated for Servlet/JSP/EJB/JEE
JVM Java/JDK 1.6 Java/JDK 1.6
Application Server JBOSS 4.x JBOSS 4.x
Technology Specs Servlet 2.5, JSP 2.1 Servlet 2.5, JSP 2.1
MySQL 5.x (1 Database) Yes Yes
Ideal For » CMS
» Custom Web Applications
» Heavy traffic web sites
» E-commerce
» Custom Web Applications
» Heavy traffic web sites
» E-commerce
Price (All Inclusive) » INR 41,000/- p.a. » INR 56,000/- p.a.
Quietly payment option Yes Yes
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Prepay Discounts: Pay for 2 years and avail 10% off. Pay for 3 Years and avail 20% Discount.

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